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During the first few years of the college, this concept quickly gave way to a more traditional liberal arts curriculum. Like many allegorical tales, it tells of good triumphing over evil, of a contented life won only after life-threatening difficulties and dangers have been overcome.

Josef details for Becca and the reader the situation in Germany and in the labour camps. The original Sleeping Beauty included such ingredients as rape, cannibalism and attempted murder, inspired by almost insane jealousy. Through him, she can unravel the secrets of her own origins.

Another writer believes an element of threat is also needed. Intertextuality Using one text as an ingredient of another is often called intertextuality. The briars stand for the walls, fences and even trees the prisoners were enclosed by.

Free to portray the world in bright, primary colours, a dream-world half-remembered from the stories of childhood when all the world was bright and strange, a fiction unembarrassed to tackle the larger themes of Good and Evil, Honor and Betrayal, Love and Hate p 4.

The fairy tale also helps her make sense of her own experiences, explaining them to herself. On June 22,the Bedford County judge approved the agreement, and dismissed the pending lawsuits.

Becca, in her quest to find "the Princess and the castle", suggests to readers all the quest heroes of folklore and fantasy. But symbols often have a cluster of connotations.

Jones and the Board of Directors. Following a hearing on June 4, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Commonwealth on June 9, stating that Virginia trust laws Close study of text briar apply to Sweet Briar, and referred the case back to the Bedford county circuit court judge for consideration of a temporary injunction to halt the closing of the college.

By the nature of the story it can never be complete. Realistically, she is created as a journalist, one who has certain skills in discovering facts, in finding contacts and in articulating what she finds.

On his own, he added to the injunction for the first time a restriction that the college shall "engage in no such act during the period of this injunction that has as its goals facilitating the closing of the college unless such act is authorized by further order of this court.

Like the partisans, they are there for their usefulness in developing the story. Stashu understands why Josef lives near Chelmno: The rose of the title is the symbol of love, which survives through the thorny briars, and is the motivating force of the whole tale, forcing Becca to carry out her promise to find the castle in the sleeping woods p Irony Some commentators have seen the novel as ironic in viewpoint.

Still, one is enough" Narrative structure Briar Rose has a complex narrative structure. When Indiana died inshe bequeathed Sweet Briar plantation to become a school for young women.

It is only the sanitised versions produced for consumption by contemporary children that avoid dealing with horrifying evil. Their daughter, Maria Georgiana "Daisy" Williams, was born in Rather than monetary damages, the suit requested injunctions to prevent the college from taking more steps to shut down or sell assets, and a permanent injunction requiring Sweet Briar to continue operating.

Love, loyalty and tenacity - these are her defining characteristics. At the end, in a parallel with every fairy tale, there is a happy ending foretold by Stan after he has greeted Becca with a long and very satisfactory kiss You must understand he said that this is a story of survivors, not heroes p Some professors said they received termination notices stating their last day of work would be May 30, ; the last day of employment for most was June 30, The voices of Becca and her sisters, of Josef Potocki, of the priest, Father Stashu, of Magda, of Stan and of her parents recount or question parts of the total story.

In the presentation of the narrative, he fulfils a vital function. Gemma Readers know Gemma on the surface, but because she and her past are the mystery at the heart of the story, her inner nature is revealed only gradually.

They can also show marvelous events which, in the literal world, would be impossible.Transcript of Module B: Briar Rose Revision. Module B: Close Study of Text- Briar Rose Description As I write in the books I autograph, We Must Remember.

And of course, story is one way we humans have of remembering. Jane Yolen Purpose. Oct 02,  · The origins of Briar Rose Briar Rose is a translation of the German title of the Sleeping Beauty tale, as retold in German by the Brothers Grimm.

The story was far older, being known in Europe in the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. Section II — Module B: Close Study of Text 20 marks Attempt ONE question from Questions 4–7 Allow about 40 minutes for this section Answer the question in a SEPARATE writing booklet. Component: Module B: Close Study of Text.

Student Responses (1) Band 5/6 response 1 Jane Yolen, Briar Rose. Question 3b Jane Yolen, Briar Rose. Question 3b Paper 2 Section II Question 3b - HSC Explain how the author, Yolen, helps the reader accept that 'happily ever after' is possible. Briar Rose-Jane Yolen This module is called close study of text.

It is module B of paper 2 worth 20%.

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This is a novel, a work of fiction. The author or composer is Jane Yolen. Briar Rose-Jane Yolen This module is called close study of text. It is module B of paper 2 worth 20%. This is a novel, a work of fiction. The novel Briar Rose by Jane Yolen is a heart wrenching story of sleeping beauty intertwined with the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust.

The structure of the novel is altered in a way to interweave three.

Close study of text briar
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